Inclement Weather

In the event of inclement weather (i.e. hurricane; winter storm), my first goal, besides making sure that everyone is safe, is to get everyone their lesson. As my studio policies state, I do not make up lessons. However, in a storm situation I will make every effort to make sure you get your weekly lesson. I just never want to get in the situation of "owing" lessons after the fact. My schedule is always so full that it often becomes impossible for me to make-up lessons during reasonable daytime/evening hours. I thank you for your understanding. Here, in order of preference, is my list of policies for dealing with weather related issues:

1) If we have advanced warning that a storm is headed our way on the day of your lesson (and therefore you would not be able to make it to your regular lesson), I would like for you to try to come to any other lesson time earlier in the week. However, I need for you to check in with me first so that I can micro manage the schedule and make sure that no more than two students arrive at the same time. I know that a shared lesson isn't ideal, but at least I would be able to accommodate all of my students before a potential storm hits. If you end up sharing your lesson please be understanding, because next time it may be you who needs to attend another students’ lesson.

2) If Horry County closes schools several days before the storm to allow for evacuations it may be possible for me to schedule your lesson during the daytime (outside of the regular lesson schedule) on a day prior to the arrival of the storm.

3) This third option will only be offered in the situation where you have already evacuated before lessons are in session for the week. In this scenario, I would be willing to teach your lesson via FaceTime or Skype from wherever you may be. I may try to conduct your lesson during your regularly scheduled lesson time, or I may request to do it in advance if I am concerned about losing power at my home/studio. Lessons will only be offered during or before your regularly scheduled lesson time.

In all inclement weather situations, please be sure to check your email regularly as that is how I will communicate with the studio.


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